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Greenhouse effect

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    Who is considered the father of the greenhouse effect and why? what did he discover? and where was he from and where did he work?

    If anyone could please help answer these questions it would be greatly appriciated.
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    This is weird, and I'm not sure that you could call him the father, but I think a lot of the credit has to go to Carl Sagan. I think it was either his PhD thesis or postdoctoral work that had to do with Venus. I think he was the first to measure the temperature of the Venutian atmosphere and propose that it wa so high due to gases that absorb in the infrared. I don't know if he coined the term "greenhouse" but I wouldn't put it past the guy.
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    i researched a little on this and found that Svante Arrhenius is the father of the greenhouse effectbut i still don't know where he worked, what he discovered, and why he is the father of the greenhouse effect. i did find that he is Sweedish.
    If anyone knows anything else about him please let me know.
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