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Greenhouse Physics?

  1. Mar 17, 2015 #1
    Hi there,

    I'm a high school physics teacher and my school has recently built a greenhouse! I am trying to find ways that I can have my AP level physics students participate in the greenhouse project, but I'm finding that anything I can think of seems to be well beyond the scope of the course (and we have limited time as it is). Is there anything electrical or thermodynamics related, perhaps, that isn't insanely uncontrolled? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, I've been tasked with setting up the electrical grid for the fans and solar panels that we'll be using to regulate temperatures, and I'm afraid I don't have the first idea of how to treat anything beyond a simple circuit. What's more important, the voltage supplied across an appliance, or the current? Or is it both? If my power sources are all rated in terms of power, not voltage or amperage, how can I relate that to the devices in my circuit?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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