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Homework Help: Green's function for resonant level

  1. May 14, 2015 #1
    I would really like some help for exercise 2 in the attached pdf. I know it's a lot asking you to read through all the pages but maybe you can skim them and catch the main points leading to exercise 2.
    What I don't understand is pretty basic. What is meant by the Green's function g(l,ikn)? In all of the examples we are working with green's function on the form g(vv',τ) so what does the other notation mean? Does it mean: g(ll,ikn)?
    In any case isn't it simply found by identifying g-1(l,τ) as stated in (2.23) and fourier transforming? That's what I though but I don't think that yields the correct result with the sum over v-states.

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