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Green's Function - Kirchoff Helmholtz Integral Problem

  1. Nov 3, 2009 #1
    I'm seeking help in understanding Kirchoff-Helmholtz Integral.

    Actually what i am facing the problem here is,
    i don't understand certain things about Green's 2nd identity which stated that two scalar function can be interchanged,
    and forming the force [tex]F = \phi\nabla\varphi - \varphi\nabla\phi[/tex],

    however, i understand that [tex]\phi\nabla\varphi[/tex] represents the velocity of sound vibration across the surface to an observer point.

    For say, if i take [tex] \phi [/tex] as Green's function and [tex] \varphi [/tex] as Sound potential / pressure.

    So the problem comes,
    how would i understand [tex]\varphi\nabla\phi[/tex]? distribution of sound pressure with impulse unit at the observer point?
    Then why do i need to subtract it ?
    Are they equivalent?

    How does reciprocal theorem applies here at the [tex]\varphi\nabla\phi[/tex]?
    It just seems very confusing to me,
    hope someone could point out as i'm really stucked in this topic for months.
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