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Homework Help: Green's theorem question

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    http://www.mrnerdy.com/forum_img/whichcorrect2.JPG [Broken]

    which one is correct?
    [PLAIN]http://www.mrnerdy.com/forum_img/whichcorrect.JPG [Broken]

    i tried both, and both gives different answer.
    one is 19/20 and another is 7/60
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    In the upper integral, you should go from [itex]-\sqrt{x}[/itex] to [itex]-x[/itex]. The other one is correct. Both integrals have the value -7/60. The integrand is negative in the region over which you're integrating ([itex]y\in [0,1][/itex]) so the answer should be negative. Lots of chances to mess up with minus signs here, so be careful....
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    thank you very much, galileo
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