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Greetigs everyone

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    I'm a physics teacher from Brasil, sorry for any bad english. I have both a teaching degree and a bachelors one, they are different here. Then I decided to go to research and gave up teaching, took a masters degree, a doctorate, and a post-doc abroad (Vienna, Austria). I work with mathematical-physics - deformations and non-commutative spaces.

    Getting back home, I ended up in a school connected to the local university, going back to teaching. The school is an "application school", and I'm still trying to understand what that means. One thing is for sure, the students that want to become teachers have to spend some time at the school.

    I have a lot getting used to. Because of my research I'm extra abstract now (always was a bit), and my students are not, I need to connect to reality more. Also, my class is usually lecture-type, so I need to learn some new approaches, since I keep loosing the attention from most of them.

    Thats it!
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    Welcome to PF! Great to have you here!
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    Deformation theory in the sense of Rieffel (analysis and C*-algebras), or in the sense of algebraic geometry, like in the work of Kontsevich?
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