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Greeting from Alpharetta, GA

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    I am originally from NYC, but now live in Alpharetta, GA. I loved physics as a HS student and all forms of science in general. I am a CPA and Labor executive.

    I enjoy woodturning, metal turning (novice), guitar-plating, dogs, and involved in several charitable causes including helping those with special needs, and helping the loved one of folks plagued by substance-abuse.

    I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 29 years.

    Anyway, that is me. Thank you for reading and considering my application to this forum.

    Kind regards,

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    Welcome to the PF, Tony. Very nice about your charitable work. :smile:
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    Thank you very much for accepting my application. I always loved physics, but never pursued it. My nephew is a physicist and he didn't know the answer to my question regarding magnetism/magnetic fields. I was hoping that I can ask it here.
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    Sure, just start a new thread in the General Physics forum with your question, and provide links to any reading you've been doing to try to figure out your question. :smile:
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