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Greetings 7/17/17

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    Stumbled across the forum while idly Googling things like irrational bases, and wanted to be able to comment/ask questions; I'd probably fall under the description of "Marginally less ignorant than the average bear" when it comes to physics-related topics, but I'm aware of this, and will endeavor not to waste people's time overly much.

    I do however have a fascination with a great deal of what's talked about here, and perhaps the best way to think of me is as someone polite enough to sit in the back and listen most of the time, but who cherishes those who are best able to bridge the gap between popular conception and professional/academic research/activity.

    Maybe people like Sagan or NDT will always spark eyerolls from those not involved in outreach, but were it not for talented popularizers, how many gifted children might never have chosen science careers- or how many *more* schools, businesses, and politicians would gut/defund physics-related programs/departments, etc.? That's my perspective, regardless of personality type... maybe some would love Newton himself to explain his discoveries, but if he was anything in person like he's been described, being an ambassador to the public would the last thing he (or the public) would consider a good idea.

    Current issue intriguing me: How much does a paradigm constrain theoretical approaches ("digital/discrete" vs. "analog/continuous" universe. etc.)

    Planning on mostly lurking/reading for now; thanks for being here!
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:
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