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Greetings and thanks

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    Hi, I'm an amateur sci-fi writer. Thanks for letting me in.
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    Welcome to PF!

    What works have you published so far?
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    Actually nothing that ever went to an internet site, magazine, or publication. It's mostly been quickie stuff for a college newsletter.
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    Well, you have to start somewhere and a college rag is pretty rad.

    Years from now when you are rich and famous a fan will drag that story out and say "See I'm his number one fan and here's his first story as proof." and then promptly auctions it off for millions.

    Internet sites are dicey as someone might steal and republish your story. There are some good writer websites where you can tips on how to write better and how to market yourself. Here's one:


    Also Orson Scott Card has a writer's book which has pretty good reviews:


    Have you read the series: The Expanse by James SA Corey (pseudonym of two authors)

    The writing style is amazing, each chapter is organized around one character so that they can explore the same sequence of events from two or more perspectives or they can jump ahead and then fall back without losing the reader. Many things are really fleshed out and detailed. Also Syfy Channel has produced a short series on the first book: Leviathan's Wake
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