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Greetings earthlings

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    I stumbled on this site a few days ago. While trained in Physics many decades ago, I have spent over 5 decades doing IT - and despite my age continue to do so. Besides physics (and therefore mathematics), my undergraduate was a liberal arts curriculum that included philosophy. I have a tendency to wax in that direction on occasion. The moniker was chosen to include grumpy, which those of us my age tend to be, and pup, a nickname I assumed late in life, partly because my best friend is Kat. I also sometimes use grandpup, as I have 5 granddaughters. The Kat also has 5 grandkittens of mixed gender.

    My favorite philosopher is Socrates, because his preference for questions over answers, mirrors the analysis method of IT called root cause analysis.
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    Hi grumpup. welcome_shooter.gif

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