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Greetings Everybody

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    Hello world.
    I am Nüradh, I prefer to keep anonymous, but I'll explain a little bit
    I am Nüradh, I'm 20 years old and I currently study at high school, I have physics as my major subject.
    I've recently begun the second half of my time in high school, which brought about a lot more physics.
    Therefore I've had to do a lot more physics than before, so I've become in need of some assistance on the current concepts of physics, that is why I've come here to ask about different parts of physics, which I'll be needing to understand to get better grades in physics

    I hope to see people around for some interesting answers on the questions I might hold. Yet so far my father and physics teacher hasn't been capable of answering more than a few.
    But I hope that at some point I'll understand the world of physics

    Best Regards Nüradh
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    Welcome Nuradh, I'm trying to figure out how the schooling in your country equates to what I am familiar with, in the US. Here High School goes to grade 12. Years 1-12, often with a Kindergarten level before the first grade. Looking at the wikipedia page on your country, I am totally confused, just guessing that you might be equivalent to the first half of college/university undergraduate studies. How many years have you been in school?
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    Hehe, this is the part where I'd have to give out data, which I much prefer not to. But I'll do my best to dodge around it.
    I'm 20, which means I am 2 to 3 years behind the average youngsters starting college/university in my country.
    The process is alike in the us, high school just has a different name and is closer to college/university in the type of agenda we're being put through

    The reason for my need for help now, instead of other years or "just the night before exams". Is the sudden change in educational level after this half.
    Just like in the US we have 10 years in all(with kindergarten level included) But than we have a "break" and we start 3 years of high school.
    Half way high school, at year 1.5 the educational level leaps into the "college midway school" and that is when the major subjects increase to a much harder level.
    This is why I would want to soak in all the understanding of the clever people here, so I could feel at ease with entering the next level.

    My "break" was 3 years, that is why I am currently older than what is expected.
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    Thank you for the explanation and don't worry we don't disclose private information such as which country you are from. Yes, I guessed that you were in a more advanced level than our high school. Some high schools here do not even offer physics courses, my daughter's best friend had to go to the Academy my daughter attended (an experimental school offered by the public school system here) in order to take high school physics, her friend attended regular high school, but then went to the academy for just the physics course. Oddly she was allowed to go to the academy for the physics course even though she didn't qualify to attend the academy.

    I hope you enjoy the forum, there are a lot of great members that will be very happy to help you. :)
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