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Greetings everyone

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    Hi all,

    I'm an old guy who loves Mathematics and Physics.

    I got my BSEE in 1986 but have since moved over to the dark side (software and firmware).

    I have always loved Math and Science (Physics in particular) so I try to keep up with it so I don't forget everything I learned in school. I do this merely for the love of math and science.

    I'm also a calculator and software geek so always have one or two of those up while reviewing and playing with problems .

    My current favorites are the HP Prime calculator and Maplesoft Maple 2016. There are lots of good calculators and software out there (I have quite a few) but these are my current favorites. Next month may be different :-)

    Thanks for putting together a great forum!
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    Welcome Skyblues! Hope you enjoy it here. Cute avatar!
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