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Greetings from CircuitBurner

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    I am a lifelong science and engineering fanatic, who was taught to solder at age 5 by grandfather who raised me. After world war-2 he worked in the special weapons program at los alamos new mexico, and on the nuclear rocket propulsion system (NERVA) used to reach the moon (yes, a NERVA engine was indeed carried in the apollo serice module) (shhhh)
    So, my exposure to him and everything aerodynamics / flight related had profound effects on my future trajectory.
    From model rocketry as a 2nd grader, to flying helicopters in late teens, I had always wanted to be an astronaut. In another adjacent quantum thread I am an astronaut,... Im just currently stuck here in this one, Im assuming to solve some puzzle before getting to switch back.
    While here, Ive developed extensive experience in electronics, digital logic circuits, computers, RF communications, and robotics. I have been granted 4 US utility patents by the USPTO.

    With that out of the way,

    Beware of Romulans bearing gifts..
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    Welcome to PF! Great to have you!
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