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Greetings from Indonesia!

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    Hello, my Name is Atha from Indonesia, SEA
    18 years old

    I'm a highschool student currently aiming for medical faculty in the university.
    I'm also a biology olympiad delegation from my school

    I'm very interested in the world of science, especially when it comes to biology and cosmology. I want to be either a doctor or spacecraft engineer. But since i make somewhat alot of numerical miscalculations i kind of give up hope of being a physicist/engineer xD
    (Especially when it comes to a LONG equations. Even if its just a very long addtion problem like 1+9+6+7+1+2+3+8+2+7+5+8+9+6 and so on
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    Oh yeah and i LOVE sci-fi movies. Especially when it has (almost) flawless logic in their science, and it was about space/time travelling journey.

    My favorites are Gravity, passenger, and doctor who series (oh nevermind the logic in here, the story is just beautiful)

    Do you have other suggestions for me? :D
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