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Greetings from somone interested in the sciences

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    Hello everyone. I stumbled upon this site and I like it so far! I have always been fascinated by the sciences; chemistry, mathematics and physics in particular! I am by no means a suitable student per se, but I hope that I can learn something from each of you and perhaps offer a nice insight from time to time.

    Please forgive me if I ask absurdly elementary questions. I will try to do some research before posting anything!

    Thanks again,

    -Arkham Angel-
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    Welcome Arkham!

    I would say you have stumble across the best site for physics on the web. This site is host to all levels of physics, from people who work in physics to people like myself who just have a general interest and enjoy being in the company of people who share the same passion.

    There is a https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=104715". Most of it is common sense though!

    Again welcome to PF, and nice to meet you! :smile:
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    Is there any part of physics that you are particularily interested in? If you need any help finding a particular forum just post it in here, it took me a few hours to get orientated!! lol
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    Welcome to PF Arkham! As for the elementary questions, we welcome those...you might find some of them are more appropriate in the Homework and Coursework Forums rather than the main forums if they're very basic.
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    Welcome Arkham! Glad to have you here. Don't worry about asking basic questions. As long as your willing to learn, you'll fit in just fine here.
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    Welcome, Angel! So, you're also new? Nice to meet you.
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