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Greetings from South India!

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    Hello all!

    I am a new member, having registered in PF just a few minutes ago. My name is Ganesh, I am 81 years old, and I live in B.R.HILLS in Karnataka, South India, running a small coffee plantation. The grid locator is MK81nx. I am a ham-radio operator with the callsign VU2TS (licence issued in 1965) and have been active all these years - my favourite mode of communication is CW (morse code) on all HF bands, but currently since the propagation is poor due to low solar activity, I am using JT65, a digital mode which I find fascinating.

    I am also an amateur astronomer and enjoy star gazing whenever conditions are favourable. Another hobby is photography.

    Interested in science, and making an effort to popularize science locally.


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    Welcome to PF!
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