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Greetings from StatutoryApe

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    Greetings from StatutoryApe!!

    Hey all,

    S'ape messaged me the other day and told me that his boss has blocked PF across the entire campus where he works, just so he can't use it... he's pretty annoyed, but wanted to say hey to everyone, sooo... HEY!!! (from him, not me)

    hopes everyone is well and all that, blah blah, i'll send him your regards.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Please tell TSA I miss him and that he should come work with me! Much nicer bosses (and everything else) at my campus!
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    Tell TSA Hi, and as Evo mentioned, we feel his pain.

    This calls for desperate measures.

    Time to go wireless with an off-campus network. :biggrin:
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    What a mean thing to do, dose he he look like this :devil:
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    what a noob he cant even bypass the silly http block! :rofl:

    use a con.. err proxy! silly manzor
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