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Greetings! I am Sloth...

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    I am a pretty metal dude surviving life some days, living it on others. Piddling with college without much enthusiasm due to a Communist instructor failing me for not conforming. That is a literal statement, not entendre or idiom. I have always suffered from the consuming disease of curiosity, and the sciences have held a fascination for me since I started existing.

    I mess with guitar, I read books, play video games, dig ditches (lol, again: that is a literal statement), screw around with science, eat, sleep, etc. I am particularly into the relationships of space/time and matter/energy. Since all that is is a mélange of the former, it makes sense to me to root my notions from the (known) properties of said subject matter.

    I feel the issues involved with understanding gravity are something that deserves intense and unorthodox contemplation and mathematical woodshedding. Since I am a toddler in terms of those maths, I personally elect to simply try to see it. Now that last bit is a poor statement under the weight of the above, but there are some things I am not capable of delivering in a deadpan outright manner...

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    Welcome to PF!
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    Welcome to PF!

    What types of metal music do you play?

    I don't think you instructor was a communist probably just humorless. Now, I had a communist instructor in college. He was an English Prof into Blake and Maoism in he 1970's.

    He was an interesting dude that I felt was really confused. There'd be an argument in class among students debating his views on life and I would have break them up with a clever comment that they couldn't decide was serious or humorous (my Irish nature). He was very nonconformist.
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    Regarding "unorthodox contemplation" be advised of one of our most important guidelines here a Physics Forums (https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/physics-forums-global-guidelines.414380/):
    We strongly discourage personal theories, especially those that purport to contradict the current notions in mainstream science.
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