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Greetings Physics Forums!

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    I've been a long time stalker of the forums, and finally I have made an account!

    I'm just another youngling that probably has a lot of naïve questions to ask, but bear with me I'll learn eventually. I've loved science since I was a kid! I thank my mother for that, as he teaches high school chemistry.

    I'm a soon to be freshman at a school with a good, but not world renowned or anything, physics program! I've got some experience in college; I was in an early college program where I learned a lot!!!

    I've got a little experience in physics; I've taken two semesters of calculus based physics and completed basic calculus sequence (calf 1-3, diffy Q).

    I did really well in those, all A's, and learned a lot. But man, I thought I'd come out feeling smarter than I did before... nope. It all made me realize how little I really know compared to how much there is to know (hope that makes sense),

    Anyway, I hope to use this account to answer some of my, probably naïve, questions about life as a physics student and what to expect. I know you get a lot of kids like me, asking about difficulty of classes and admissions chances, but hey one more won't hurt.

    I'll probably also use the homework thread a lot when classes start up.


    Signing off

    Anxious Fish
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Brace yourself, this process never ends. :)
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