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Greetings to all from Brazil

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    Hello my name is Kauê Oliveira I'm in my 1st of electronics engineering USJT.My passions are mechanics and electronics,I'm a hardcore formula one fan (motorsport in general) and the reason I want to become a engineer is the enormous amount of time that I spent with my grandfather working on his car and watching the f1 races on tv.

    Ps: Sorry my english is not that good
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    I guess you have to trust Google translator and do the best you can, Austin Tx just finished a track for f1 racing. I love auto racing but am a little out of date.
    WELCOME to PF you will find a number of people that you can talk with on any level that you might need.
    Read the guidelines and join in, let us get to know you:)
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    Thanks man.
    Is nice to see another auto racing fan here
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Thanks man
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