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Greetings to all...

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    Hi physicsforums. My name is Vikki Ramsay. Thank you for accepting my registration. I am a mature student who has been conducting an independent study of physics and different physics theories for 9 years.

    Thank you for accepting my registration.
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    Greetings Vikki!
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    Mature is much better than immature.
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    I understand that this introductory page is not for asking questions, but I am having a bit of trouble locating the forum I wish to post in. Can anyone help?

    I joined this forum after reading the content of this thread.


    I was impressed by, and could identify with, both the positive and the negative replies.

    I would very much like some help with a new and radically different model of the universe. I have developed the idea to the point that I could use some help in understanding if the dimensions that I propose are mathematically proportional to current model.
    I am entirely self educated from the age of 11. I have an affinity with the geometry and mechanics of physics, whilst I do fully understand what the current maths are doing, I am not versed in the art of mathematics and am entirely at a loss as how to invent the mathematics to describe the geometry and mechanics that my model of a cyclic universe proposes.

    It is very much my hope that I can speak with people here directly about the proportions of my proposal, and avoid the usual attitude of some types of posters, who believe that because a person does not have a formal education this renders the person as incapable of intelligent thought processes, arguing that I have no business developing my idea.

    I very much hope that someone here will be interested in helping me understand if my model can be mathematically viable, ie: proportional in value to GR.

    However - I cannot find the 'Independent Research' forum, (that was recommended to the OP in the link provided), in which to post my request.

    Is there a forum here that I may post my request for help?
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    Ah - having made a Google search, I have now discovered why I cannot find the 'Independent Research' forum. It's closed!

    Having read up about why, again I can identify with the reasons both the for's and against's such a forum.

    For my own part, I am disappointed because I realise that this site does not have a forum for me to post my request. I had hoped to be conversing in an atmosphere of intelligence devoid of the type of antagonistic and argumentative nonsense that some forums seem to encourage, no doubt in the interests of the extra views that occur from what division of the public, I do not know, nor care to...
    Having said this there are some nutters posting who clearly have made no study of the subject matter they claim to have solutions for... therefore the status quo is indeed understandable.

    In that I cannot post my request here at this forum, I will leave this post here in the hope that perhaps I have piqued someone's interest...
    If so, please get in touch via conversations, and I can privately send you my intended first post outlining my request.

    All the best to all...
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