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Greetings to the forum

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    Hello all! I was a Physics/Astro double major, but just switched to a Physics major and CS minor. I am a huge fan of learning across many topics, be it philosophy, music, or of course math and science. I appreciate that all of life is interdisciplinary, and personally feel that more generalization or learning the basics of many topics can do people a world of good. Or, as my differential equations professor put it nicely, even if you only know up to the sophomore level of chemistry, physics, etc., as long as you know it extremely well, you can go very far in life.

    Thanks for reading!

    P.S. Apologies if it was rude to post in career guidance before introducing myself. I didn't notice this particular subforum. Best wishes all.
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    Ah, a renaissance man! The world needs more of your kind.
    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks! Glad to be here.
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