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Greetings !

  1. May 9, 2017 #1
    Hi, Ivan here :)

    I'm going to start physics next year, and I'm currently studying the topic by myself to have a decent kickstart.
    I've been preparing myself for some months now, I always wanted to get into this world but my preparation has always been lackluster, some months ago i wasn't even able to do basic algebra o_O
    I'm taking this challenge seriously, in the last few years I got the money needed to afford to stop working, and I've been studying full time for quite a while now, got a decent math preparation thanks to khanacademy and other online sources, and when I felt confident bought an Halliday Resnik.
    I'm currently studying by myself and despite being still on fairly easy topics (almost done with 2d kinematics at the moment) I'm not having much troubles, to be sure I understood the topics I'm doing every single problem in the problem section of the book, and while I get most of them correct there are surely hard problems that require more thought and confrontation.
    And this is how I discovered this website, mainly looking for solutions for the problems with no answer on the book, to check my work and see if I'm doing everything correctly.
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    Welcome to PF!
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