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Greg Bernhardts Birthday!

  1. Mar 16, 2003 #1
    I just wanted to wish GREG a happy birthday! (a day late though) I know you have been working so hard on Physicsforums lately, and it looks great. Hope you had a great birthday Greg!
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  3. Mar 16, 2003 #2


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    AND HAPPY PF 3 ! :smile:
    (I thought you're the one supposed to recieve
    presents on your birthday... :wink:)

    Live long and prosper.
  4. Mar 16, 2003 #3


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    yes! a very happy birthday to you greg
  5. Mar 17, 2003 #4


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    Happy Birthday!!

    How appropriate, that the forums started their new look right at your b'day!

    I guess we could wish you a very well deserved rest, but I doubt you'd take it.
  6. Mar 17, 2003 #5
    Thanks everyone :smile:

    I'm the big 2-0!

    There is much left to be done!

    Don't forget to check the calendar for other members bdays!
  7. Mar 17, 2003 #6
    Happy Birthday Greg :smile:.
    I noticed that on the main page of the site there is a little b'days box at the end.
    According to that one, yesterday was the birthday of Sting :smile: (and the day before the birthday of Greg).
    So happy birthday to Sting too :smile:.
  8. Mar 17, 2003 #7
    Happy B'Day Greg.
  9. Mar 17, 2003 #8
    Happy birthday - enjoy your 20s.
  10. Mar 17, 2003 #9


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    Also a happy birthday from me!!
    Any cool birthday presents?
    (besides the forum succesfully being transferred?)
  11. Mar 17, 2003 #10
    Yes, I hit the big 20 along with Greg (only one day's difference between us).

    Thanks Staii :smile:. I appreciate it.
  12. Mar 17, 2003 #11


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    And a big kiss to Sting too
  13. Mar 17, 2003 #12


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    well happy birthday greg, sting, Monique

    and happy birthday for all the users for PF3
  14. Mar 17, 2003 #13
    Happy B-Day Greg! 20 ? What's this?

    This means you must... I repeat MUST go out and drink 20 pints of Guiness (or beer of choice) NOW!
  15. Mar 17, 2003 #14
    Actually, I think it will be another year for that.
  16. Mar 17, 2003 #15
    Happy B-Day! I got you what I got you last year, same size, different color!
  17. Mar 17, 2003 #16

    Tom Mattson

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    Happy birthday Greg and Sting!
  18. Mar 17, 2003 #17
    Thanks Tom and Zero! But zero, what are these spikes on it for? :wink:
  19. Mar 17, 2003 #18
    I thought your lady might like them?
  20. Mar 17, 2003 #19
    Happy Birthday Greg.

    <blushes> Thanks Monique :smile:

    Thanks MSI and Tom!

    Monique, is it your birthday? If so then Happy Birthday!
  21. Mar 17, 2003 #20


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    monique's birthday (i believe) is in late august.....i wanna say the 28th?
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