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Greg's great book giveaway!

  1. Jan 2, 2015 #1
    Too long have my books sat unloved! It's time to do something about it!

    I'm willing to ship my used books to PF members for free. Yes free!

    All you have to do is be the first to claim a book when I list it in this thread.

    Here are the conditions:
    1. One book per member per month
    2. Member must have registered at least 1 month from book listing date
    3. Member must have at least 25 posts
    4. Member must live within the Continental United States

    If you meet the conditions, to claim a book simply write a post saying so. I'll verify and if everything checks out, I'll private message you for your mailing address and ship the book out within a week.

    That's it! Easy! The first 5 books will be posted shortly. More books will be listed at random intervals. Check back often!
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  4. Jan 2, 2015 #3


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    That's great but if you shared your ebooks, it'd have been greater!:biggrin:
  5. Jan 2, 2015 #4
    Alas, I have no ebooks :(
  6. Jan 2, 2015 #5
    The first five have been posted!
  7. Jan 2, 2015 #6


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    Wow. A glimpse into your life. :approve:
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    Well, this is awesome. Cheers.
  9. Jan 2, 2015 #8


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    No computer science? =/ ... =)
  10. Jan 2, 2015 #9
  11. Jan 2, 2015 #10
    Maybe in the next listing :)
  12. Jan 2, 2015 #11
    Personally I still like to turn pages :D
  13. Jan 3, 2015 #12
    No bites yet! How about some feedback? Uninteresting books? Difficult conditions? Books are passe now? :)
  14. Jan 3, 2015 #13
    The Matter Myth has been claimed!
  15. Jan 3, 2015 #14
    The title makes me think you're going to share your books as free downloads. :DD
  16. Jan 3, 2015 #15
    I should also add that book recipients receive an exclusive PF pen! :)
  17. Jan 3, 2015 #16


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    Wait, I don't have an exclusive PF pen. :oldcry:
  18. Jan 3, 2015 #17
    An easy solution might be to grab a book.
  19. Jan 3, 2015 #18


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    Great initiative! Any left-over books can also be marked with PF, registered with bookcrossing.com and left in public places "if you love your books, let them go" - The New York Times.
  20. Jan 3, 2015 #19


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    Giving books away to the crowd who hang out around here is not unlike "carrying coals to Newcastle."
  21. Jan 3, 2015 #20
    Though I don't know exactly what carrying coals to Newcastle means, I can imagine. But maybe I should read more books about Newcastle :nb).
    But then, you cannot only feed the hungry or starving - gluttony in respect to knowledge is the best kind I can think of. The mortality directly connected to people not eating enough books should be pretty low. o0)


    Or wait, maybe not? :))

    The bottom line is: I think this is a cool initiative, though I cannot grab any books. But I can understand that. I once ordered a small device (3 lbs) from the USA and got charged around 60 US$ for shipping. But I am still thinking the shop did not cut the best deal for me.
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