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Greiner Field Quantization

  1. Apr 9, 2014 #1


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    Greiner "Field Quantization"


    I really, really want to buy this book. However, the amazon reviews seem to echo the statement that the margins in the newest printing are completely screwed up and actually make reading the book painful. Unfortunately I do not have any access to this newest printing so I cannot judge for myself. I also cannot find any copies of the older printing for sale online and the only copy in my library has been checked out.

    So my questions are: does anyone know of a site with the older printing for sale and/or can anyone who owns a copy of the newest printing let me know if the amazon review comments regarding the book margins are hyperbole or accurate as to the unusable nature of the newest printing?

    Thanks in advance.
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    One of the professors I do research with has this book, not sure when he bought it (< 2 years ago for sure, and it looked like the 2nd edition) but the margins seemed fine when I used it.

    Maybe try abebooks? They are a good resource for some niche books and international editions of textbooks, at a first glance, it seems they have several 1st editions for sale.

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    Thank you Sentin3l! The book is only $20 for the newest printing so I'll take a chance and buy it and hopefully it turns out to be identical to the one you used :)
  5. Jul 15, 2016 #4
    Sorry for being a bit late, but have you found it on abebooks? And if you did, what was the quality of the paper and what is your verdict for this book?
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