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GREs for double majors

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    I am double major in Pure Math/Physics. So do I have to take both the Math and the Physics GRE subject tests? Do you think it'll look better for graduate school?
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    Er... you take the GRE Subject test in the area that you are going to major in in graduate school, unless you have the impression that you can do a double major in graduate school also [of which I suggest you do a search on here and see the opinons already posted on this subject].

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    To elaborate further on Zz's point, you take whatever GRE(s) is(are) required by the programs to which you are applying. It may not be the same for all programs, even in the same field.
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    I've heard there's an exception to this rule with mathematics and economics (if going to grad school for economics). Can anyone validate/disprove this?
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    The school I am planning to attend (a state school) does not require the GRE for entry in their program. I must add though that it is only a Masters level program. They have no Doctoral program in Mathematics at this time.
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