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Grid Networking

  1. Jan 22, 2004 #1
    Iam new to the concept of Grid Networking.
    Can anybody explain it ?
    Is there any forum/ site to know more on tht subject ?
    What kind of softwares should i use ?

    PLz Help !
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    Are you talking about grid networking for wide or metropolitan area networks?

    What specifically did you want to know? You mentioned software, but first let me ask you what your application is. Are you trying to do this over a WAN or MAN?

    I do the network transport design for these, SONET, GigaMan, gigabit ethernet, etc...

    Try these links for a bit of background info and also let me know what it is you are trying to accomplish. I will see what else I can scrounge up for you.


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    I am sorry . i just need it for Learning purpose.
    I need freewares. I have already seen those links.
    I need softwares.How to use it. And how to grid computers.
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    Grid networking is not created by any specific software, at least not in the common use of the term. I think the term is also used in some gaming applications? Perhaps you are thinking about playing games?

    True grid networking is a high speed data network linking multiple sites together. The software and applications used can be just about anything. Depending on which applications you are deploying, network "tweaks" would be necessary to gain optimal performance. Things like windowing need to be considered, was the app made to run on a LAN? if so, it will usually perform terribly over a WAN.

    So unless you have a need for gigabit ethernet or greater links between geographically diverse locations, you won't be doing grid networking in it's true sense.

    Maybe you are referring to something else? Did you look at the links I posted explaining grid networking?
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