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Homework Help: Griffiths example no. 5.11 w×r switch from cartesian to spherical

  1. Apr 14, 2013 #1
    I am pretty much satisfied with the example of a rotating shell example 5.11 pg 367 griffiths electrodynamics.on many ocassions he chooses cartesian coordinates before integration (see 5.10 too) , integrates and finds w×r along y direction .then he manipulates w×r, and writes it down in spherical polar along phi cap or the azimuth.
    MY QUESTION IS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO MAKE THIS SWITCH? HOW DOES IT SERVE THE PURPOSE OF FURTHER CALCULATION? A lot of books which solved this problem avoided this switch.BESIDES HOW IS HE DOING THIS SWITCH? CAN ANYBODY GIVE ME ANY REFERENCE OF AN EXAMPLE WHERE IT IS SHOWN THAT -ωsinψy in cartesian when changed to spherical system becomes ωrsinθ∅
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