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Griffiths particle physics book

  1. Mar 11, 2008 #1
    if i read griffiths particle physics book will I have enough knowledge of the subject material to start reading peskin and schroeder's qft book or will I still have to learn graduate mechanics and electrodynamics first before starting on that. If I do need to look at graduate mechanics and electrodynamics is there any other book (other than goldstein and jackson) that give all the nessary mechanics and electrodynamics needed for qft or is all the mechanics and electrodynamics that you need to know for qft all of goldstein and jackson?
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    Mark Srednicki gives the following list of equations (lattached as gif) that one should be familiar with before tackling his QFT book. Or in terms of the concepts:

    Scattering cross-section
    Creation (and annihilation) operator
    Angular momentum ladder operators
    Heisenberg and Schroedinger pictures
    Hamiltonian and Lagrangian
    Lorentz transformations and 4-momentum
    Electromagnetic vector and scalar potentials

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    but will griffiths still help me complete all prequisites to start learning qft with pesking a schroeder or would i still have to read from goldstein and jackson?
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