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Homework Help: Grindstone Problem

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    Please give me a hint on what should I follow in order to solve the problem I am stuck and have no clue :confused:

    A grindstone in the shape of a solid disk with diameter 0.530 and a mass of = 50.0 is rotating at = 830 . You press an ax against the rim with a normal force of = 260 , and the grindstone comes to rest in 7.80 .

    Find Coefficient of friction between the axe and the grinding stone.
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    Do you know any rotational dynamics, specifically kinematic equations of such?
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    Well this is what I know

    K= 1/2 M(Vcm)^2 + 1/2 (Icm) W^2

    Since the center of mass is not moving then?

    K=1/2 (Icm) W^2?
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