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Ground and exited states

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    Hello everybody,

    I have a question which might be silly. Nevertheless: Can exited states exist if you know that the ground state do not exist? Will in such a case first exited state become the ground state?

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    The ground state is the state of lowest energy. How could it not exist?
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    When I say it does not exists I mean, that under some conditions on vector and scalar potentials, the Klein Gordon or Dirac equation will not have a wave function which corresponds to the ground state. Therefore can we conclude from there that under the same conditions the exited states will not exist?
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    If your system has no solutions at all than it is not a valid model and if it has solutions, than the one(s) with lowest energy will be the ground state. I don't how one could possibly have a system with a ground state that doesn't exist. I can't make sense of your question.
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