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Ground questions on researching & postgrads

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    Hello guys,

    It's a while I've hang around. Now that I've already finish undergrad, I would like to know about postgrads:

    1. I've heard about publishing at Q1 journals (I assume quartile 1..). Is this an internationally 'adapted' term? So I've heard that Q1 papers will grant you better chance into Ivy league universities in US.. Is that true, and for that case, can you give me some example which are the Q1 journals? (I'm on quantum optics, btw)

    2. I would like to apply to the US. However (assume) that I've received a Masters from Malaysia university, would it be possible that I will save up 2 years in the US's PHD degree? (generally, US would require 5 yr of minimum studies to get a PhD, and they are usually applied after candidate obtained a degree. However given that I have a masters, do I get stuff like shorter term, or a credit transfer?)

    Thanks in advance for clearing my mind!
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