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Homework Help: Ground state

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    ground states

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Is it generally true that the ground state of a given quantum system corresponds to the lowest quantum numbers? For instance, is it generally true that the ground state of a system governed by a radial potential always corresponds to l=0? If not, how do we know, in particular, that the ground state of the finite, 3-D potential well corresponds to l=0? Griffiths seems to implicitly assume this fact in one of his problems (4.9): "Find the ground state (of the 3-D finite spherical well) by solving the radial equation with l=0."

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    Dr Transport

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    Here is a hint, [itex] l = 0 [/itex] corresponds to a spherical configuration, which is usually the lowest eneergy state.
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