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Group IV Experiment

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    I am performing the Group IV Experiment in approximately 3 days, and I needed some last-minute help and suggestions towards what I am doing. My group is examining two ecosystems, one with and one without a river. We will view how different water and soil factors affect the biodiversity of the area.

    I can't do the following tasks as other groups are already doing them:
    • Flow of the Water
    • UV Radiation Measurements
    • Conductivity of the Water

    My current experiment involves a variety of small factors, such as altitude, and air pressure, but nothing concrete. I had got as a suggestion moisture of the soil, but linking moisture of the soil to evaporation is a rather weak physics link overall.

    I would like some suggestions for my experiment, anything I can perform or measure that will be time-consuming, and worthwhile to contribute. If you can, list the materials to actually perform the experiment, and please try to keep them reasonable, considering it is rather hard for me to get these materials.

    If you do not know of another good experiment, perhaps you could elaborate on a better link within soil moisture and physics?

    Thank you,
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    any suggestions..?
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    Thanks for the infiltration test. I talked to my teacher and he enjoyed the idea of the water infilitration. I think I'm probably going to do this test, along with measuring altitude, wind speed in the area, and moisture. Personally, I didn't like the moisture test, as it has little to do with physics, but the flow of water within soil will really contribute to my group.

    Thanks ALOT!


    (i'd be glad to hear any other suggestions, but I have only today to buy materials, and I'm just going to buy the cylinder, I really like that experiment).
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