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Group Labs ugh

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    I have a Group Lab due on Tuesday and I have not yet heard from anyone. I tend to think that most people aren't as serious about their grade as I am, so this is pretty annoying to me. Should I just do the lab myself, just in case? I have already finished my part of the lab, and I simply won't have the time to do anything on Monday or Tuesday morning when they probably contact me to meet up and finish it.

    I hate working in a group at my University, how do you guys deal with this?
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    Many users will frown on what I will say, but when I was working in groups for physics labs, I would do all/most of the work myself. It was convenient for both of us, as I would be certain that the lab was well written/done, and the other guy had nothing to do. When it came to exams, I consistently had the best grades as I had worked through the material alone.

    Of course, "in the real world" you'll have to work as a team blah blah blah... Some people in the "real world" are at least serious/mature enough to get something done, whereas I did not find this to be the case with my peers.

    Take this as you want.

    Good luck on your lab!
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    Yeah I understand the importance of team work. But there is a difference between working with someone who might produce sub-par work, than working with someone who doesn't care and might simply "not do the work". Which directly effects my grade.
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    Have you contacted your partners?
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