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Group orbits

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group theory : orbits


I'm trying to calculate the orbits of some simple groups. I have found many explanations of what they are, but no example calculations. does anyone have any ideas where to look. I'm trying to calculate the orbit of SO(3).

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What in heaven's name is the orbit of a group ?
Could you explain; please ?

group theory : orbits

if you let A be a group and G be an action on that group with a being a point in A. The set of all the images of the permutations of x by g in G on A is the orbit.

and here's the obligatory mathworld link: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/GroupOrbit.html

example : the orbit of the rotation group SO(2) is a circle.

( ... but i've been teaching myself all this, so there is a chance that I am completely wrong)
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