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Group theory and QM

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    I'm trying to get a handle on the rotation group in quantum mechanics. Does anyone have suggestions or links to clear and consise statements of this material. Im looking for a level of about Sakurai.

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    Weyl's & Wigner's books were the first to deal with group theory in QM.

    There's no better treatment than the one in Sakurai.Close come R.Newton,A.Messiah & Davydov.

    My advice is go for the best.

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    I would highly reccomend, also, Edmonds, Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics, the bible for many of us older types.
    Reilly Atkinson
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    I agree with Reilly and dextercioby,

    Besides if you are interested in a little summary, just check out the 'how grouptheory works'-entry in my journal : https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&journalid=13790&action=view [Broken]

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    Dr Transport

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    In addition, try Tinkhams book on Group Theory along with Wu-Ki Tungs, both are excellent.
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