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Group Theory (physics)

  1. Feb 21, 2009 #1
    Hello there,i'm at my last semester in physics undergrad.I wanted to get group theory last semester but it I was already full with other subjects and research,so I went this semsester and took the group theory taught in the math department.Well,at first I was totally lost (me and the 2 best math students in class) cause the other students were asking stuff about things I never heard of ,but anyways.Lessons started last thursday we're using M.A.Armstrong's book on group theory and aparently starting about from the middle(ch.13) of it cause the other students already had done the rest.But I did some self-study and caught up and finally am able to understand.

    That was some backround info,now to the main subject.Apparently the subject is math-centered,meaning we'll probably not talk alot(if at all) about group representations,lie groups etc. (stuff which physicists are mostly interested in).Do you think it's worth it for me as a physicist,to continue following the subject?
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    I am a lowly mathematician, but physics people seem interested in lie theory and representation theory.

    [sorry I totally misread your post. If you use armstrong's book it does get to some stuff that even many mathematicians might not be interested in.]
  4. Feb 22, 2009 #3
    Well,I really like math alot and in another situation I wouldn't mind to follow the subject but I'm at my last semester,doing research and I already have lots of fun but maybe somewhat difficult subjects like differential geometry,particle physics etc. and my schedule is very tight.Thus,I would prefer even studying group theory on my own if the subject as discribed above is of no use to me as a physicist.

    An opinion from fellow physicist which have had group theory would be helpful.In any case I'll also try to consult some of my proffessors.
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