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Homework Help: Group VI elements

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    Which of the following statements are CORRECT, concerning any elements in Group VI of the periodic table? pick out 3 CORRECT statements.
    A.) It has 6 valence electrons.
    B.) It has 6 electron shells.
    C.) It can form an ion of charge -2.
    D.) It has valency value of 2.
    E.) It will lose 2 electrons from its outermost shell to gain stability.

    i pick A, C, and D.
    im not sure if D is the correct statement, can somebody help? thanks lotsa.:smile:
    I only know that it's can only Gain electrons not lose. because Group VI is Non metals .
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    Your choices are spot on. Now don't quote me on this one but the definition of valency is the number of of univalent atoms which can combine with the atom, which is the case for all group six elements, they are bivalent.
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