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Growing edible fungi

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    Has any one tried it, not just the common mushroom, i read some where
    that some edible fungi grow on rotting wood, so if you have tried what
    sort of crop did you get?
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    I generally just close my eyes when I reach into the refrigerator and just hope I don't get sick. Does that count?

    After all, I'm still alive so far.
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    Unfortunately, apart from the mushroom, it is very difficult to grow fungi reliably.
    Most fungi are quite parasitic (on the root networks of some specific tree), and therefore, one cannot expect to be able to grow them apart from the organism it is parasitizing.
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    We used to grow mushrooms at home, until dad wanted the shed
    for other things, now i have an out house that is damp and dark,
    ideal for growing mushrooms, i just though that i could some other
    fungi as well.
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