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Growth stunting

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    In humans, what exactly will happen to a young teen if he/she does weed and alcohol? Like will their growth stop such as their sex organs and their height and whatnot, or will their brain stop maturing or what? Which of the propaganda is true?
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    The main thing that will stunt growth in a teenager is lack of proper nutrients.

    Heavy consumption of weed and alcohol can affect a teen's diet. It is too random to be able to make any positive conclusions.

    When I was a teen I rarely ate, I was so busy, eating was a nuisance. I didn't have time to think about eating. I ended up in a hospital suffering with malnutrition.

    Eat a balanced diet. Don't do drugs, you'll get much more out of life without them.

    Trust me.
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    Alright, well do you know where I could get some info from? I checked erowid and they dont have anything.
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