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    Today I was notified that we will be having manditory PT for DEP members every Wednesday. We used to only have to go to a DEP meeting the second Wednesday of every month. I got out of it this week, but now I have to find a ride to Greenwood every Wednesday at 17 00. I don't have a car, so this is going to be akward. I have to call people I don't even know to get a ride. Maybe I can get my recruiter to call them for me.
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    I have no idea what... manditory PT for DEP means.
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    Physical training for department___________?
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    Delayed Entry Program

    i have to wait a year before i can go to basic because i have to finish high school
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    So they have sworn you in? If you don't show up are you AWOL?

    I am sure its a good idea to be in the best shape you can be in, befor boot camp.
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    I am sworn in and everything. I don't know if I'd be considered AWOL or not. I called my recruiter and he said that the person that told me it was manditory was exaggerating. He also said he would make some calls to get me a ride.
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    DEP is not mandatory stuff, at least when I was in it. It may have changed in 15+ years. I was in it for a year while I was getting my WOC packet together. Tell them that you'll do PT on your own and that if they want they gan give you a PT test anytime to prove it. You just need to make sure you can do your 42, 52 and 13:50 IIRC.
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