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GRUB help

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    I have a computer dual booted with Fedora Core 5 and Windows XP. I only have Fedora on so I can learn how to use Linux and XP is my primary OS. Whenever I boot up it gives me a few seconds to choose between XP and Fedora otherwise it loads Fedora by default.

    How do I change this to have it load XP by default?

    thanks for any help
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    Boot up in Fedora, look for the file /boot/grub/grub.conf. That's the file that grub uses to generate the startup menu. (At least that's the filename in gentoo linux and Redhat 9; if you can't find that file, Fedora may name it differently. In some distributions it's called menu.lst.)

    Open it in a text editor.

    You should see a line that says
    "default 0" or "default 1"

    You should also see a group of lines starting with
    "title=Fedora ..."
    and another group of lines beginning with

    The "0" or "1" relates to the corresponding set of operating system entries (0 refers to the first menu item, 1 refers to the 2nd menu item), so if Windows is listed first on your menu, you want "default 0" to boot Windows by default; alternatively, if Fedora is first on your menu, then you want "default 1" to default to Windows.

    Just change the 1 to a 0, or the 0 to a 1, whichever applies, & save the file.
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