Guantanamo resort?

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    Russian Mother Pleads
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  3. What is the point of this?
  4. Note to self: Don't go to a Russian health resort.

    Or maybe, don't consider a Russian mother (who AFAIK is not allowed to go to Guantanamo bay herself) to be a definitive expert.
  5. One thing about it though, there's no due process for those guys - so no way to ascertain the facts of their activity in terrorism. Do some of them have links to the Taliban? Certainly, but some of them might not, and it is unjust to detain them without any trial or investigation.
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    The more I notice things, that seems to be the way things work.

    For example, something as simple as a traffic ticket. As soon as that ticket is written, your guilty. Even if you truly are innocent, you still have to pay to get a lawyer to defend you, which you may or may not be found innocent. Just try going to court to defend your innocence without a lawyer.

    So of course anyone captured in Afganistan is going to be treated as a terrorist, unless some compelling evidence on there behalf is found.

    The question is, is anyone looking?
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