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Guerilla Warfare Tactics

  1. Aug 16, 2003 #1
    How to make punji traps.

    My father, a military veteran, taught me this when I was in the second grade.

    Dig a deep, narrow hole about one foot in diameter and three feet deep along a pathway you anticipate your enemy to traverse. Sharpen about ten two foot length bamboo sticks. Line the bottom of the hole with the sticks half-buried and pointed upwards. Urinate and defecate on the sticks. Cover the hole with underbrush native to the area. Use larger sticks on the bottom of the covering for structural support, but make sure that each stick can be snapped easily and sharply by hand.

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    How have things been going with those lady friends of yours?

    Guerilla Warfare Tactics;

    Maintain support of civilian population.
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    Well, I broke a fundamental rule of seeing two girls at once. I won't lie to you, I have feelings for both girls. Perhaps my mistake was pursuing a second smart and beautiful girl. Perhaps the correct way to play the game is to find one girl whom you respect and a second whom you don't... or better yet, two girls whom you have no respect for.

    In conclusion, I am a fvcking @sshole, and I suck on so many levels it's not funny anymore.

    Anyway, I've been meditating on two questions lately.

    One is pretty generic, Can I play with fire and not get burned?

    The second is inspired by Luke 16:13.... Yeah, a little more serious than I had originally planned for.

    So it goes....

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    Remember in your other thread when I commented something about multiple lovers leading to problems?

    Guerilla Warfare Tactics;

    Be prepared to strike targets of opportunity.
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    Sure, and I'll restate my original reaction to your comment. If I didn't care about either of these girls, this would be easy.

    How to make a simple explosive booby trap.

    Take an ordinary aluminum can and stomp on it's open end so as to bend it shut. Now, pry the can the can open. Nail the bottom of the can at waiste height to a tree along a path which you expect your enemy to traverse. Tie a string to the key of a grenade. Place the grenade inside the can. Carefully re-bend the aluminum can shut so that the grenade is trapped inside. Now, tie the other of the string to a tree on the opposite side of the said path.

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    Hello Jushua, learned anything lately?

    Grenade trap: cover the end of a hollow tube (PVC plumbing, spent RPG launcher, whatever) with any flap (preferably one that matches local flora). Hang this high above a trail you expect the enemy to traverse. String a wire from the flap across the trail. Place several grenades in the tube with pins pulled, allowing sides of tube to hold handles in "closed" position.

    Serves eight-ten.
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    Very interesting traps. sounds typical to Nam.
    ever think of just setting a trip wire acrros a pat in which the enimy was to traverse and have them fall into a pit that was covered by local flora and come back for them to use as trade prisoners?

    As for your girl problem, I have had the same troubles. If you play with fire, you almost always get burnt. Best idea: find the one which you can get along with best. not neccisarly the prettyier one either. for like you said in Luke 16:13 "No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money."
    I must say it is a good qoute for your perpouse. Oh and dont be surprised if you end up with neither. Just a bit of past knowlege. good luck.
  9. Aug 17, 2003 #8
    My memory is probably shot and I'm forgetting everything except what tends to validate that which I already believe... ...
    ...but I thought you had a serious relationship combined with an overseas flingly thingy. At any rate, by hook or by crook these things have a way of getting out of hand. I wouldn't be too hard on myself though 'cause from what I've lived to see, pretty much everybody is screwed up in one department or another.

    Guerilla Warfare Tactics;

    Long-range sniping ability a definite plus.

    If I could learn how to type correctly to begin with I wouldn't need to do all these edits.
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    That is what I have. I have a long-term, very comfortable relationship with a twenty-six year old woman while I am seeing a twenty year old girl oversees. I have screwed myself in the sense that the twenty year old makes life more exciting.

    New girlfriends are always more exciting than old ones. Now, I am supposed to go back to my old girlfriend, whom I love, but will feel less excited about. I mean, in the end, I know she will always be there for me, and I know she is the one I should be with. However, I also know that I will feel like I'm missing out on the inherent fun of a twenty year old girl.

    Sometimes, I think women are like cars... but I don't care to elaborate on this statement at this time.

    Guerilla Warfare Tactic: How to make a car trap.

    This one is straight out of the anarchist cookbook.

    Take a rather long length of airplane cable and secure each end (at bumper height) to trees on the adjacent sides of a road which you anticipate your enemy will traverse. Make sure that the airplane cable makes about a forty-five degree angle with the road. Also, make sure that the driver will approach the tree on his/her side of the car first. This way when the car collides with the cable, the driver will be as close as possible to the tree of collision during impact. This scheme works best when the car is travelling at speeds greater than 40 mph.

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    Yip, I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been there myself a time or two. Aint it darlin?

    Guerilla Warfare Tactics;

    Prepare mentally and physically for a prolonged effort that could last decades.
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    Warfare, Demoralisation:

    This one comes strait out of Nam. Choose a job that is difficult to do, or difficult to staff, and focus attention on it. One job in that war was to carry mortar plates. These are very heavy and awkward and, in the heat and bad terrain of the jungle, the VC had difficulty finding men who could/would carry them. Over a period of a few weeks, American snipers agreed among themselves to single out of every marching columb they found, the guy carrying the mortar plate. Soon, noone would volunteer for the job.

    This not only demoralised the troops, but also made it necessary for officers to force individuals to do the job, sewing dissension among the ranks.

    Wargames, the Movie:

    Joshua, the artificially intelligent supercomputer, is built to play the game, "Global Thermonuclear War" over and over in his imagination, and project all possible outcomes. His final conclusion: "An interesting game. The only winning move is not to play".
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    The central rule of guerilla tactics:

    Hit them where they aint.

    Making use of this principle in a dating context is left as an exercise to the reader.:wink:
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    OKay, I don't think a thread about inflicting potential harm on other individuals is really all too acceptable.
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