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Guess what I saw on the Indian Reservation today

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    Actually today was the second time I've seen this, but I can't remember if I told you about it last time.
    I'm a surveyor, the mapping kind not the questioning kind. My company has taken on a job surveying a new housing complex on a nearby reservation. I was standing there doing my job when all of a sudden I heard a noise behind me. I turned around and saw these two dogs coming towards me, but something didn't look quite right. The were acting like normal dogs; tails wagging, stopping and sniffing things, doing dog sort of things. Then when they got closer I realized what was different. There was only one dog and following that dog was a goat. I've only seen one thing funnier in my whole life. This goat thought it was a dog. It's tail was wagging like crazy and it was bouncing down the road happy as can be. Everytime the real dog would stop and sniff something the goat would sniff the same spot. I waited for them to cock their leg on a fence post, but wasn't fortunate enough to witness that.

    ps the funniest thing I've ever seen also involves goats. You ever seen those goats with the nervous condition? If you spook them they faint. A few minutes later they wake up and "BOO!" down they go again. That's Entertainment.
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    jimmy p

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    Man are you a thread killer or what? One post and only 34 reads, this is as bad as your embarassing moment thread.
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    That is halarious!!! LOL!
    classic, tribdog!
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    LOL ... LOL .... LOL

    The fainting goat is funny :biggrin:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    When we had two goats and three dogs, I made a big dog/goat house and they all slept and played together. When the female goat had two babies, the smallest dog - Crash - largely adopted the babies as hers. If Crash decided to give the baby goats a bath she would not allow anyone near them including the real mother. I was told told that the dogs would kill the goats within a month. They lived together for about six years.

    Tsunami and I would go for daily walks around our five acres with four goats, three dogs, five or six, or even ten cows, maybe a cat or two, and for a time, a horse, all following behind us in a parade-like fashion. For a time I felt like building an ark but that finally passed.
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    jimmy p

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    HEY tribdog. My thread wasnt BAD, as I recall, YOU posted the most on that thread therefore I blame you for ruining it and making it unpopular. And if no-one responds to this thread, it's your fault as well.
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    Tribdog, how do you possibly top a fainting goat? Although Ivan's ark tale was pretty good. :biggrin:
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