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Guesses from great minds

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    On the news I heard that there is a web site that is taking bets on when global warming (I think it was betus or something like that)will put areas under water. News around here because Hatteras and Cape Henry are being bet on 200 to 1 and have higher elevation then 3/4 of the rest of the Tidewater area.
    My question is:
    How do you feel about that?
    Do you live in an area that could/would be effected.

    edit: They said it was 150 to 1 that Manhattan would be flooded.
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    I live in a city built on reclaimed saltmarsh, and before the embankments went up, tides had been known to flood about 5 miles inland during storms (my house is about 3 miles inland). I'm tempted to place a bet as a kind of insurance policy so I can afford to move when the banks break :wink:
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    I live in a place that was completely underwater in the Cambrian, through Devonian, so, you can see how worried I am about it.
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    Very many people live in a city that has a completely different logic about sealevel and warming:


    For the record the sealevel was supposed to have risen only as of 80,000 years ago due to the warming of the ice age ending.
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