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Guidance and Motivation

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    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for some guidance and motivation. I’ve always been very interested in engineering and have pondered returning to school and obtaining a degree. I never went to college because I really fear and dislike writing. For the last 10 years this has been the only thing keeping me from enrolling. Lately my urge and desire has grown too strong to ignore and I’m now ready to face my fear of having to write college papers. While I’m ready to face my fear I still realize that my writing skills will be severely lacking. I was the guy in High School that aced the Math, Science and Chem. classes but barely passed the English. I’d like to know how much of a detriment this will be for a M.E. degree?
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    I think this is a bit off-topic, even in reply, but your english seems good enough to where if you take the classes and work worth a tutor, or at least work closely enough with your English professors so that you understand their expectations, you'll do fine.

    It doesn't hurt to buy an MLA book (find out what your university or class uses for technicalities, it may not be MLA) to reference all the picky parts of it that English classes demand like commas and grammar.
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    I think you just have to attack it head-on, and use whatever resources your university provides - tutoring, office hours, remedial or supplemental writing classes - and most of all just persistance.

    Hopefully, what advantage you have is being more mature than likely the other freshman in your class - starting assignment early, not procrastinating, asking for help, etc.

    One tip is to go to the professors office hours the very 1st opportunity and just say flat out "I'm no good at writing" and that you will work hard and would like any advice/help on how to pass. It is _much_ easier for them to give good advice _before_ the 1st bad grade :)
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    It won't be the same for every college, but at mine, during our first year basic classes, like physics, all labs had to go through a writing style tutor to be signed off. It was definitely tough to get the lab reports the way the school wanted them. I also had a technical writing class as well in my junior year. Again, depending on the school, you should have ample resources to help you with your writing skills and getting them up to snuff. This is not a good excuse for putting off a great educational experience. There should be advisors at the school you are considering that can show you the options available to help you.

    The part that I don't think you have realized is that in a professional engineering environment, you will have to do paperwork. You will have to present your work/findigs/designs, etc...If you really do have this kind of fear, you need to get around it now.

    Buckle down, don't let your ego get in the way. Ask for help and if needs be, get a tutor.
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    Yeah, Fred makes an excellent point. As much as we'd all like to, we can't communicate in pure numbers. You have to mix it with english to clearly communicate your point.

    In fact, communications class has become a requirement at most universities because of the common trait, aphasia, in the science community.
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