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Guide to Graduate School

  1. May 18, 2009 #1
    Having recently finished grad school, I've put together a guide for new and prospective graduate students on picking a prof and a project, as well as pitfalls to watch out for:

    http://subversiveguidetoeng.blogspot.com/2009/05/guide-to-graduate-school.html" [Broken]

    I thought it would be useful, especially in this economy ;) and this is the time of year people are finalizing their choice of school/prof/project

    A brief outline:
    -Picking a professor
    -Choosing the size of your group
    -Choosing the right project
    -Keeping an eye on tenure status
    -Equipment and Funding
    -Getting Along with your group

    Please let me know if this article is helpful and/or if anything should be added
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    More opinions never hurt...
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